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    END to END Service

    From M&A, FDI, and corporate establishment, to legal, accounting, tax, and audit response as well as financial and financing operation management, dispute resolution,

    Experts from each field and region perform all tasks from the birth of the company to the end of the project, including stable corporate liquidation.

    BUDDTREE comprehensively manages various stakeholders and transaction parties without the need to directly respond to them, ensuring results.

    BUDDTREE Management Group, in particular, forms a dedicated team for each specialized field and provides one-stop legal/accounting/tax advice.

    Through global corporate advisory experience accumulated mainly in Korea, India, and Dubai,

    We are doing our best to solve the company's complex business issues in an effective way and create value for the company.

    BUDDTREE Management Group not only handles finance and tax to fulfill its role as a partner in the growth and development of companies operating in India.

    Consisting of experts in each field, including M&A, FDI, and management strategy, we provide optimal solutions specialized for companies from an integrated perspective.

    In the case of cross border M&A, integrated thinking and professional knowledge on legal/accounting/tax issues by country are essential for successful value creation.

    Due to information asymmetry and transaction instability, advice from experts who can predict and manage various exceptional situations is essential.

    BUDDTREE Management Group boasts India's foremost experts, specializing in business transformation,

    restructuring, and recovery for companies. Our proficiency extends to strategic consultation on corporate restructuring,

    particularly for Indian companies rapidly emerging in the post-China era.


    We offer comprehensive business turnaround plans, leveraging a team of top-tier experts in financial, accounting, tax,

    law, strategy, and operations. Our expertise ensures sound corporate restructuring advice, leading to stable corporate liquidation and optimal exit measures in situations involving financial risk.

    The global expansion of Korean enterprises has emerged as a critical catalyst for growth, particularly marked by a significant increase in investments by multinational corporations in India.

    This surge is credited to the proactive investment attraction strategies employed by the Indian government and the escalating apprehensions associated with investments in China.

    However, international expansion inherently entails a myriad of risks, spanning legal, accounting, taxation, and regulatory dimensions. Consequently, the implementation of professional safeguards becomes imperative. While such expansion presents an opportunity to augment competitiveness,

    without meticulous planning, it runs the risk of evolving into a crisis, thereby exposing companies to global risks.


    Buddtree's experts offer close support for overseas expansion to mitigate future uncertainties and risks.

    This support includes a comprehensive preliminary review of key legal, accounting, and tax compliance issues that may arise during the corporation establishment process.

    Our guidance on overseas investment-related taxation and investment structures is geared towards minimizing potential tax risks and optimizing corporate profits.

    Notably, Buddtree possesses extensive experience in the Joint Venture arena.


    We not only oversee contracts with overseas JV partners but also provide comprehensive advisory support, from conducting feasibility assessments to negotiations.

    BUDDTREE Management Group leverages its wealth of business experience, know-how, and efficient communication networks spanning Korea, India, Dubai, and the United States to foster business expansion and profits through overseas investments.

    BUDDTREE Management Group boasts a proven track record of successfully representing numerous international bidding project contract consultations.


    This includes high-profile projects like the India International Convention Center (IICC) operating rights tender consultations,

    one of the largest exhibition halls in Southwest Asia, as well as Korea Airports Corporation (KAC).

    In collaboration with experts across various domains, we provide optimal consultation services for all aspects of the public sector,

    including litigation, arbitration, and various regulatory responses.


    Our substantial networking presence in India and the Middle East, which is a key advantage of BUDDTREE Management Group,

    allows us to offer high-level strategies across bids and projects. These strategies are founded on a deep understanding of local laws,

    institutions, and government contract practices, ensuring sound bidding advice and project success.

    BUDDTREE Management Group offers comprehensive support for various government compliance advisory and reporting agencies, including the Korean corporate accounting and tax departments, central banks, as well as the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.


    In adherence to Indian tax laws, all corporations are obligated to report monthly, quarterly, and annual withholding taxes and corporate taxes. Additionally, under company law, they are required to submit reports to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.


    To optimize internal control and compliance management, BUDDTREE Management Group minimizes tax risks and enhances the security of accounting data. We achieve this by assembling a specialized team of accountants and lawyers with expertise spanning Korea, India, and Dubai to handle these extensive government reports. Notably, our Korean office's tax accountants provide direct support for tasks mandated by the headquarters, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

    BUDDTREE Management Group possesses an in-depth comprehension of the intricate landscape of Transfer Pricing compliance. We offer Transfer Pricing service consultations, bridging the needs of Korean companies operating in India and Indian companies alike.


    Transfer Pricing stands as a paramount international tax concern for multinationals operating both domestically and overseas. Tax authorities across the globe emphasize the importance of adhering to transfer pricing regulations, compelling companies to establish a rational Transfer Pricing Policy and maintain consistency in alignment with shifts in transfer pricing regulations and the taxation environment.


    At BUDDTREE Management Group, we collaborate with a team of accounting, tax, and legal experts to scrutinize diverse and intricate international transactions. This process is aimed at establishing sensible Transfer Pricing policies, crafting comprehensive Transfer Pricing reports, ensuring routine compliance, and effectively resolving disputes. Our Transfer Pricing compliance services extend across Dubai, India, and Korea simultaneously, leveraging our global network and expertise to meet the diverse requirements of our clients engaged in international transactions.

    BUDDTREE Management Group delivers strategic financial management counsel, encompassing financing strategies, valuation assessments, and the planning and execution of budgets, aimed at optimizing the operational activities of international companies.


    We discern and evaluate the critical financial aspects of the company, spanning financial planning, asset management, and financing. Our strategic guidance is tailored to enhance efficiency, facilitating a seamless and professional analysis to elevate financial performance across the spectrum of headquarters and overseas branches.


    Notably, we offer counsel on establishing a strategic internal control system to proactively address risks that may frequently arise in overseas branches. Our approach is rooted in providing customized advice, aligning with the distinct characteristics of each client's industry, to enhance individualized financial management strategies.

    BUDDTREE Management Group excels in the management of diverse and intricate international dispute resolutions. Notably,

    we possess extensive knowledge and experience in addressing disputes stemming from a range of scenarios, including M&A contracts, international construction and engineering projects, distributor contracts, franchises and licensing agreements, joint venture agreements international commodity trading, and long-term supply contracts.


    Our team of experts at BUDDTREE Management Group also takes on proxy and advisory roles in a wide array of lawsuits spanning Korea and India. We offer counsel on a broad spectrum of legal and taxation issues, providing legal representation at the relevant courts, especially in cases where the branch or site of a domestic company in India is involved.

    Based on its expertise and experience in Korean and multinational financial companies and international financial transactions,

    BUDDTREE Management Group provides comprehensive regulatory advice and strategies such as introducing and operating financial products as well as reporting financial transactions.


    Our team of experts consists of international financial lawyers, accountants, and financial professionals who provide counsel to financial institutions, including financial holding companies, banks, and insurance companies. Furthermore, we facilitate the submission of necessary reports to regulatory authorities, ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations

    The influx of global IT companies into the Indian market has led to a notable surge in legal disputes in the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) sector. BUDDTREE Management Group has successfully represented clients in IPR litigation, including cases involving Korean IT manufacturers and telecommunication companies operating in India.


    Our extensive network of lawyers possesses technical, legal, and practical knowledge and experience in resolving IPR disputes. We also collaborate with foreign lawyers well-versed in IPR practices in various countries. This collaboration enables our clients to assert their rights more effectively.


    Members of BUDDTREE Management Group are multilingual, proficient in languages such as Korean, English, Hindi, Arabic and more. Moreover, we maintain direct or indirect connections with top-tier law firms and accounting firms in India. Drawing upon our international capabilities, we communicate seamlessly with domestic and foreign clients, allowing us to methodically devise and execute multinational strategies to address their unique needs and objectives.

    BUDDTREE Management Group boasts a remarkable success rate in tax litigation, thanks to our team of lawyers with extensive experience in tax disputes, honed through collaboration with India's tax audit strategy and litigation agencies. Our pool of accountants also brings valuable tax expertise to the table.


    India's tax policies are held to a high standard, surpassing OECD and international treaty benchmarks, resulting in a steady rise in tax-related disputes. Tax authorities are actively pursuing substantial levies on new transactions, leading Indian companies to consider abandoning cases. Consequently, advisory firms like ours are playing an increasingly critical role.


    Distinguishing itself from general litigation, tax disputes necessitate specialized tax expertise, requiring the development of a logical strategy grounded in a precise understanding and experience of tax laws, precedents, and global tax treaties.

    BUDDTREE Management Group is a prominent leader in providing Human Resource and Labor Advisory services in India.

    We offer comprehensive guidance on a wide spectrum of HR-related matters, including talent acquisition and management, employee relations, performance appraisal systems, compliance with labor laws, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and strategic workforce planning.


    Our tailored solutions ensure that Korean companies entering the Indian market establish robust HR frameworks that not only align with local regulations but also foster a conducive and inclusive work environment.


    Our team of experts, with extensive experience in employment-related regulations, cover various aspects such as employment contracts, Human Resource Manuals, wage and working hours, retirement pensions, recruitment, disciplinary actions, discrimination, workplace harassment, sexual harassment, industrial safety and more.


    India is known for its robust labor laws and a significant number of labor-related lawsuits. Leveraging our substantial experience and expertise, BUDDTREE Management Group has developed a range of strategies to effectively address these issues. Additionally, we've established an integrated Human Resource and Labor advisory response system, facilitating the seamless sharing of accumulated data and work experiences among our expert members over the years.

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